Barry & Phyllis Tahiti, May 2000
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Greetings from the lagoon behind our deep overwater bungalow at the Bali Hai hotel on the island of Moorea. We snorkeled 'til the skin on our fingers looked like prunes. There is a 20 foot high wall of coral directly behind the row of bungalows, making for great snorkeling and the easiest possible access. Just ease into the water via the ladder off the rear deck of the bungalow.

We actually didn't stay on Tahiti at all. Our visit was limited to Bora Bora and Moorea. (We didn't have an overwater bungalow on Bora Bora.)

Bora Bora is so small that the perimeter road around it is only 17 miles long, and the main island would fit inside a rectangle about 2 X 5 miles. The center of the island is dominated by Mt. Otemanu and Mt. Pahia, rising about 2400 ft. and 2200 feet respectively. In a word, it's beautiful.

The Bora Bora airport is on a small island or "motu." You take a ferry to get to the main island. Since we had booked a package deal, we were met at the airport and directed to the proper ferry. A van was waiting at the other end to take us to the hotel.

We stayed at the Sofitel Marara, a lovely place that we really enjoyed.

Here are a few pictures around the hotel . . .


  The Restaurant

The Dock



The Beach

Our Bungalow


We took a Bora Bora "circle island" excursion in a van (it took about 10 minutes . . . just kidding).

The driver pointed out this particular spot for a picture. Probably everyone that has ever visited Bora Bora has a picture from this spot. (I think I saw one of Captain Cook at this spot, but the palm tree on the left was a little smaller and the mountains were a little taller.)


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